Family? What Family.


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My family straight up sucks, at least those in America. They are some of the most selfish, non-caring, ungrateful, assholes that have ever existed. Okay perhaps I am over doing it, they may have been out done by Hitler. My aunts and uncles, I rarely talk to them, they never wish me happy birthday. They will call my father and wish him happy birthday but never me, his birthday is two days after mine. Hell sometimes they call the day before his (The day after mine) and wish him to have a happy birthday and say jack squat to me. They all live close and yet I can count the numbers of times I have seen some of them on my hands. There seems to be a whole lot of craziness on that side, mostly extreme anti-social behaviour. As far as presents. While other nephews/neices will get games, game systems, cars, and the like. I haven’t gotten anything since… my first and second birthday? Perhaps a 20 bill, and a 40 dollar trumpet which was impossible to play because of shoddy work. Last year I was actually kicked out of a room I was staying in on my birthday, no mention of it, my present was 6 pieces of bbq chicken, oh yes… isn’t that wonderful. Wasn’t even the flavor I liked.

The saving grace is that while I may have no resemblance of a family here I do indeed have one in England. So I will probably end up moving there eventually. Sooner rather than later. It’s the only place I ever felt as though I had a family. Here, that feeling isn’t there at all. Everyone cares only about themselves they will ask you for help and once they get it if you need something later, they will avoid you like the plague. It’s disgusting.

There is so much more… perhaps I’ll write a book about them.


Gay marriage and Chicken


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So I missed this whole chick-fil-a protest thing but I did get to hear what he said. It baffles me why people are concerned with gay marriage. Hell, it baffles me why any individual is more concerned about another’s relationship versus their own. Maybe they’re just über lonely. Oh no there are two guys somewhere having sex and the world keeps spinning! The inhumanity! Oh no there are two guys somewhere having sex and they’re married!! It’s even worse the world is ending oh no! They are in a legal relationship! Really, really … It doesn’t help that states ban gay marriage believing their state constitution overrides federal. Not true. In fact the supreme court has upheld the fact marriage is a civil liberty and no state can ban a civil liberty for a group they can only remove civil liberties from everyone of the state or no one, and yet out government allow this to happen.

Never Order From UPS – A UPS nightmare


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So I ordered something. Four packages in total and she asked if I could cal UPS for her because for some reason UPS was like NO WE AREN’T LEAVING THIS PACKAGE! Despite the fact the two previous packages were left. So I have dealt with FedEx, USPS, some crappy company called A1 and it’s very simple. If you want a package left you call the company and you request it. That customer rep. will then call the driver or call the person that will call the driver and give the driver the instruction. Pretty simple right? Takes about two minutes to five minutes. Let me just tell you, it is not this simple with UPS, NOT BY A LONG SHOT! It took me two hours of on the phone arguing with four representatives in order to just get my package left at the door as we liked. Let’s begin the journey.

10:30 am.

I call UPS I tell them the tracking number and request the package be left. I was told they can’t do that and it’s really up to the driver if he wants to leave it or not. I didn’t question that at this point and I wasn’t so annoyed about it. After about 10 minutes of talking about possible options we  parted ways.

10:48 am

I call again and ask about the signature thing. I told them no one will be there to get the package and request it left again, they tell me they can’t do it and at this point don’t even mention the fact it’s up to the driver. They tell me what I could do is call my shipper and request that they ask UPS to disregard the signature so they’ll leave it. Simple enough right?

11:09 am

I call the shipper, in this case Very friendly and they said they will get right on it and call UPS not a problem they say. Everything was solved, so I thought.

11:15 am, the bullshit begins.

The shipper calls back and tells me UPS told them it’s up to the driver what he wants to do and that it’s out of their hands and my hands what WE want to be done. It is now up to UPS what they would like to do with MY package. The rep and I talk and we both agree it’s ridiculous and apparently it’s happened to her before as well. She tells me I could call back UPS and request that they contact the driver this time and so… I did and boy oh boy…this is where things got RIDICULOUS.

11:19 am

I call back UPS and tell them the ordeal. They tell me that my shipper can’t just request that the package not need a signature anymore because they requested it before. I’m also told that THEY CAN’T NET GET IN CONTACT WITH THE DRIVER. I am told that the only way for me to get in contact with the driver is for them to send a message to the call center, a non-public number that not even UPS can call for it’s against their policy. I am also told they can’t send a message requesting that my package just be left for it’s against policy to ask the driver to leave a package. I say okay tell them that the sender and receiver have both requested the package be left and I am told again they can’t do that because of liability issues. At this point it’s just ridiculous and I have them lodge a complaint and she does that. The rep was quite… ghetto and not well spoken at all, but she was at least some what friendly and just doing her job.

11:42 am. Judy and the real reason UPS won’t concede to my request.

I call back, I called the corporate office and I am transferred to instead the run of the mill customer service call center. Judy told me the same thing the other woman did. At this point I am just so annoyed that I just question absolutely everything. She tells me that it’s against policy to get in contact with the driver and to request a package be left. I tell her that FedEx, USPS, A1, everyone else pretty much will do it and she says that’s just not the way it works with them. Judy wouldn’t even tell me her opinion on the matter and at one point started over talking me and I was like oh no no no you are  not getting loud with me! What I actually said was “Judy, Judy, you have talked and I am the customer and I do not appreciate you over talking me” She apologized and said go ahead. So Judy continues on with the policy of how it’s not up to them what happens, how it’s not up to me what I want, or what my shipper wants. UNLESS, and this is a big unless, can’t you tell by the caps? UNLESSSSSSSS I PAY A 40 DOLLAR FEE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP SO I CAN REQUEST DIRECTLY WHAT I WANT TO THE DRIVER! At this point I was like OH REALLY?! I talked to Judy for 30 minutes. A lot of me just going on and on about how ridiculous it is and how every other company will do it for free but apparently in order for UPS to do it it cost 40 dollars. If this is all just policy why is it that 40 dollars suddenly says, now you can request what you want after the package is sent. It was just such a run around and so ridiculous!

12:12 pm.

Call center calls I miss the call but they leave a voice mail saying that they told the driver to leave it and gave me the number. What is the point of not giving me the call center number if they are going to call me anyway?


I call corporate and speak with some guy and he was pretty understanding and agreed with me yet the policy is the way the policy is. At one point he said it’s because they handle so many packages. Which just doesn’t make sense. UPS handles 15m packages a day, if I ask for one of them to be just left it’s a 2 hour ordeal. USPS handles 563M packages a day. If I ask for any one of those over half a billion processed in a day to be delivered a certain way, they will do it.

At the end of the day DO NOT USE UPS they will give you the run around and pretend it’s their package not yours. It is all about money.

1) They don’t want to leave the package because of liability issues

2) If you want the package to be left it’s a 40 fee for premium membership to request so.

UPS – Sharks. Use FedEx, USPS, anything but UPS they utterly suck!



1:23 pm

After getting a call that the package would be left  IT WASN’T AND THE FINAL ATTEMPT WAS MADE! Let the saga continue.

1:45 pm

I am on the line with the actual center delivering the package and when I told them what happened all she said was “oh my god hold on a second” the driver confirmed that he was going to leave the package so what the hell happened? Don’t tell me driver discretion!


Well the driver doesn’t feel like dropping it off and I am on hold presently just waiting for the driver to redelivery it lol… it’s so ridiculous.

2:07 pm

He will try again at 5pm and leave it by the grill… let’s hope.