So, I have had this skin tag on my shoulder for years now, about seven. I decided to get rid of it today.

Four packages of alcohol prep wipes
Two band aids
One antibacterial packet
And some ice for numbing

I ventured into the bathroom and began my procedure. It was more difficult than I thought. The tag was so stubborn. I figured after icing and using the wipe that it would just pull right off. I was wrong, very wrong. The plastic tweezers gave way under hard pressure of me squeezing so I had to be more gentle so it would grasp. Even so only bits of the tag came off. Eventually I pulled up the tag with the tweezers and clipped a bit of the root skin. I was scared to cut my shoulder so I went back to the tweezer. Slowly it became more loose and in the end I grabbed hold with my fingers and pulled the little that remained off. Alcohol wipe, antibacterial ointment, and a band aid. Seven years, it had a good run.