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My family straight up sucks, at least those in America. They are some of the most selfish, non-caring, ungrateful, assholes that have ever existed. Okay perhaps I am over doing it, they may have been out done by Hitler. My aunts and uncles, I rarely talk to them, they never wish me happy birthday. They will call my father and wish him happy birthday but never me, his birthday is two days after mine. Hell sometimes they call the day before his (The day after mine) and wish him to have a happy birthday and say jack squat to me. They all live close and yet I can count the numbers of times I have seen some of them on my hands. There seems to be a whole lot of craziness on that side, mostly extreme anti-social behaviour. As far as presents. While other nephews/neices will get games, game systems, cars, and the like. I haven’t gotten anything since… my first and second birthday? Perhaps a 20 bill, and a 40 dollar trumpet which was impossible to play because of shoddy work. Last year I was actually kicked out of a room I was staying in on my birthday, no mention of it, my present was 6 pieces of bbq chicken, oh yes… isn’t that wonderful. Wasn’t even the flavor I liked.

The saving grace is that while I may have no resemblance of a family here I do indeed have one in England. So I will probably end up moving there eventually. Sooner rather than later. It’s the only place I ever felt as though I had a family. Here, that feeling isn’t there at all. Everyone cares only about themselves they will ask you for help and once they get it if you need something later, they will avoid you like the plague. It’s disgusting.

There is so much more… perhaps I’ll write a book about them.