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So I never understood the appeal of the iPhone. It was small, seem fragile, and ridiculously expensive. Well… my phone broke, android 2.3, and it was time to get a new phone. iPhone 50 dollars. Sure it was an 8gb 4 (no siri 😦 ) but honestly I totally see why people love this phone. Everything is just so easy and everything is exactly how it should be. With android I hated having to fumble through options just to delete an application. Settings, applications, by name, or size depending. Click, uninstall, am I sure? Well… after all theses options I sure hope so.


Also what the hell is wrong with google mail? It would always get stuck sending messages, apparently this problem carried over into 4 and 4.1, when do they plan to fix it. It’s google for goodness sakes! I’m sure they have the money.