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So I speak English (as though that wasn’t evident) and I really want to learn another language. A few years ago for about two years I studied Japanese on and off and got to a level where I understood 1000 characters and I could hold not too difficult conversations, and then I stopped. Japanese just isn’t practical. I never run into Japanese people and I don’t plan on moving to Japan ever. I was still interested in learning an Asiatic language and so I moved on to the Asian Spanish, Korean. Korean wasn’t too difficult, it was fun to speak and I like the sounds. I live in New Jersey and there are quite a few Koreans around so it could do me some good. I also don’t plan on moving to Korea…I don’t know if I will ever even visit the country actually and so I decided… my time would be better spent learning another language. So now I am learning French, I actually do plan on going to France and maybe even move there since my family (at least those I care about bar my immediate family in America (including grandmother) ) is right over in England. Which isn’t that far. I am yet again running into another problem though, motivation. I learned Japanese using the whole ajatt method (all Japanese all the time) so I guess I need to just afatting.