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Oh Florida… its such an interesting state. I mean ever since this whole Trey thing the door for crazy has opened!

1) Treyvon killing

2) Woman who fires warning shot instead of shooting her abusive husband is imprisoned for a MANDATORY 20 years. Since she went back to the house to get her things she wasn’t considered in danger and therefore stand your ground didn’t apply. Apparently along the way people forgot when people are in an abusive relationship THEY HAD life; therefore, getting things such as a bag, or her stuff isn’t unusual.

3) Recently. Man kill door to door sales man saying he was scared for his life. The man was selling steak she shot him for being on his property and then proceed to shoot him in the HEAD while he was DOWN for “for effect” FOR EFFECT?!

I wanted to move to Florida at one point… not anymore. The way Florida is going I’ll get shot because someone was scared I was faking tying my shoe laces and reaching for a knife. What’s even worse is the man was walking away! How sickening.